Ciao Bella

Hey, my name is Jay but you can call me Juan. First off, I am no blogger ๐Ÿ™‚ I was just in the computer shop with my cousin the other day ’til I saw her updating her blog. So at this time that I’m not doing so much, I said why not make my own. She’s the future blogger/writer and all that but I’m not. I just created one because I felt like I wanted to share all the stuff I do and maybe inspire some? If not a lot.

Okay, doing pastries is my sideline, my hobby and one of my best loves. I love the smell of baked goods, butter creamed with sugar, boiling milk with vanilla, vanilla you guys! ohmy… melting chocolate, piping this to that, buying ingredients myself at the groceries, listing and comparing ingredients and of course, the packaging part! It’s so much fun when you see your product inside a cute box you’ve chosen. I guess I love and have so much passion about baking that I’m making this blog right now. Oh by the way, I created my own brand label just last year, 2011, it’s called Ciao Bella. I just came by the name through a magazine and saw a recipe that’s called “Ciao Bella! Cupcakes” and being amused by the Italian term and knowing what it meant, i picked it up as a name I can use. I’m doing homemade pastries I’ve learned from my own, from the culinary schools I’ve been and just anywhere ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m a starter when it comes to business but that’s where I started just like this first post of mine in my “blog.”

Being the not-so-much of a blogger that I am, I’ll just leave you a picture of these Carrot Cupcakes I made and maybe next time, I’ll share on how I did it with some do’s and don’ts. See you around! oh and thanks for dropping by.

“ALL ROADS LEAD TO ROME.” ~ one of the best sayings in baking.


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