CIAO BELLA! //A warm HELLO! to the passersby//My name is Jay // I am an enthusiast of Pastry Arts. I guess that means what you may find here are most likely related to the field of baking, cooking, art and probably anything and everything that pictures life in the creative way as these are the things I am passionate about. Simple things made to be captured in photo // I am one who thinks that vanilla pods are one of the best seeds to grow out there [a vanilla aficionado in progress]// I am one who’s at his peak of peacefulness whenever I smell that yellow block of fat creamed with a cup of sweet crystals // I am free whenever it is in my grasp and drive the nylon piping bag where a dollop of pastel-colored icing awaits to be piped on those baked little wonders//I am most excited when I’m about to put those chewy cookies inside a box which is either lime or aqua//It makes me smile when that Ciao Bella sticker is stuck on//I think cookie jars are the best jars ever made//I think that the SIL-PAT is made to make life easier//I believe that the best aid for me is my Kitchen-Aid//I would like to travel with Sugar Belle as they say her adventures turned out sweet//I believe that Wilton is the Disney Land version for Patissiers//I can imagine Macarons as substitute to Pierre Herme’s trenchcoat buttons, Bonjour Monsieur!//Cuisinart and art are synonymous//I believe that when you bake, it can mend a heartache//I think that if you want to reach the sky and touch the clouds, have a stiff-peaked egg whites and you’re there

For a blogger, I am just a beginner but not for a Patissier, I think. I hope that some day, I would be able to cover this blog with posts that may be helpful to anyone admiring the same stuff that I love – basically pastry and its fundamentals. Have a great dollop-by!




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